Sunday, April 29, 2012

ECO-Health Day

Guess what it's made of?

This 3D picture is made of recycled can:

See the green bamboo:

Organised by PJD Group:

at Sri Petaling's Endah Promanade.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Online Survey - PayPal

Today checked my PayPal account, had received my another balance from Online Survey website.

What to buy online now? Or bank-in my account?
Accumulate the amount first :)

Online Survey Gift Voucher

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Online Survey Gift Voucher

Sometimes I will do online survey on my free time. Then I could redeem my vouchers:

One of my recent gift voucher that I redeem for Giant Shopping Voucher RM20:

I'd done surveys on Credit Card, Traval, Kids, Household Appliances, Advertisement, Work, etc. Each survey will have different length of time to complete, roughly about 15mins or longer. If we don't meet the requirement of the survey, we couldn't do the survey and will be given 10 points only.

After I had accumulated 2000 Points, I could redeem:
KFC voucher (RM10.00)x2
McDonalds Gift Certificates (RM10.00)x2
Giant shopping voucher (RM10.00)x2
Hotlink prepaid card (012,017) (RM10.00)x2
Xpax prepaid card (013,019) (RM10.00)x2
Digi prepaid card (016) (RM10.00)x2

Or Gift Vouchers for 5000 Points:
Petronas voucher (RM50.00)

Sometimes they will ask whether we have seen the advertisement or choose our opinions on the ads, whether we like it or will we buy the product after reading the ads. Where have we seen the ads such as bus stop/TV, etc.

Normally we just need to tick on the survey sheets:

One of the cosmetic/makeup fashion survey I had:

Sometimes the survey are quite interesting but some are quite lengthy. Not very often I got the survey, maybe once a week. We need patient to complete the survey and accumulate the points :) My colleague redeemed this McDonalds Gift Voucher:

Online Survey - PayPal

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012

Thanks to Tiger & Nuffnang's free tickets for me to attend the Tiger Asian Music Festival on 14 Apr 2012, Sunway Surf Beach.
Around 5pm+ there were many people already lined up at the Exclusive Pass zone. Luckily we were under the RM118 zone and we managed to get to the second row in front of the stage:

After drum performance and dances, MY FM DJ MeiYan, Gam Gong told us there were 40K people had arrived!
The first band was by Beyond's Paul Wong & Ka Keung:
Beyond brought to us 8 songs - Amani, Hei Fun Lei, Guong Fai Sui Yut, etc.
Paul told us he's very hot and the audience asked him to take off his shirt:
So they continued to rock the stage!
A-Lin, the only female singer of the night. Nice dress~ Sang us '失恋无罪', '大大的拥抱', etc:
Then it's ManHanD. Luckily I bought myself a foldable small stool, rest a while first~
Because of Jam Hsiao, so I got to know this concert. Awesome! I usually followed his live performance through YouTube recorded by fans around the world, this time I wanted to listen the real Live:
Found several ways to win the tickets just to see my favourite rock star:
I'd shared more of his photos to his International fan club too. But that night he only sang us 4 songs , too little. He told us he'll be back again THIS YEAR! Wow~ must make myself to see him if can!
Chang Chen Yue then went up the stage:
MC HotDog rap-ing:
A-YueMC HotDog duet '我爱台妹'~ 
Finally the last group - LMF
This music show had continuously rocked the stage for 5 hours already. After a few songs by LMF (Bruce Lee, etc), decided to left earlier before the jam. So I missed out the fireworks. The traffic was OK as I left early.
What a good experience and wonderful night \(^^)/ The most important was I got to see JAM :)


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glitz & Glamour Night Annual Dinner

[13 Apr 2012] This year our company annual dinner held at PJ Hilton:

No one in blink-blink?!:

In the hall, nice ribbon decoration:

The food for this year was not bad but served in small portion, just OK.

Every year must take photo with this best dress, LOL:

A group photo with the Customer Service department girls:

My gang group photo:

Door Gift - food container:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Team Lunch at Decanter

Lunch at Decanter SetiaBakti, Damansara Heights. Grilled Mackerel Fish:

Chicken Chop, some said so so only:

My Salmon Steak (RM28), taste OK:

My Calamansi Assam Bol (RM8):

Dunno who's Spaghetti:

Forgot the name, Grilled Chicken?

Tuna Burger & Chips?

Mixed Grilled (Lamb, Sausages, Chicken Breast) - RM28:

Chris likes her Chicken Picatta:

Ox-Tail Stew served with 2 bread & mushroom soup:

Some said the food portion was tiny but it's just nice for the ladies.