Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Day Working in Free Clinic

Voluntary work at free clinic from 9am - 12:30pm. Sunday is opened for Myanmar refugee to see dentist. Before 9am, they've already waited at the entrance bcoz it's limited to 30+ refugees. What an eye opener today.

Some refugees refused to queue up properly, luckily we had a kinda fierce lady doctor shouted to the refugees to control the chaotic situation. Well, some were told to leave after limit exceeded, that's why they had to come earlier. The refugees medical costs were covered under United Nations (联合国).

Not only Myanmar refugees, it's also opened to local low income people. How to determine who's eligible? Our volunteers need to do Home Visit investigation. If approved, then only allowed to register as patient here.

My role:

My role was to help patient to get the body weight & height. This is normally for first time visit patient. While measuring blood pressure is for all patients.

There isn't any auto-numbering machine. It's running a manual system that we will first put on the hand sanitizer on patients' hands, then give them Yellow numbers for Chinese medical consultant/acupuncture or White numbers for Western medical consultant:

One volunteer told that today she felt kinda bloody as she worked in the dental room.

Another volunteer was helped on phamarcy side to fulfil his dream as pharmacist while he's actually working in IT field -_-"

Some others help on registration work or helping disabled people. Some worked as GP assistant. More senior ones will walk to the patient and talk/giving cares.

Sometimes it's like 'Chicken talks to Duck' that we couldn't understand the Burmese language. Then we'll point them to read the notice below or direct them to registration counter bcoz we'd a Burmese worker.

End of the consulting hour, it's empty again. Lunch was sponsored by someone. Today had the Tom Yum fried meehoon and Yam cake ^^

Today's volunteers were from Sri Petaling branch & Setapak/Wangsa Maju branch which near to TAR college. It's in rotation basis from different branches.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

NCL Birthday Celebration at Pasta Zanmai

We celebrated NCL's birthday at Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley. OYL also came over from Cyberjaya after work. He's just back from Bali honeymoon and brought us some souvenirs:

I've picked this ^^

Many restaurants were full during Buka Puasa period. We managed to get a 10 seats in Pasta Zanmai. We shared the food together.

Mini Fried Chicken on Garlic Rice:

I particularly like this Mini Kani Avocado Gomadare Pasta:

Unagi Tamago rice with Miso soup & Salad set:

Mini Ikura Salmon Sashimi Pasta:

Grilled Scallop & Mushroom with Spicy Cod Fish Roe & Mayonnaise Pizza (ホタテとキノコの明太マヨピザ):

Mini Fried Chicken Katsu Rice:

Mini Kaki Kimuchi Pasta's hot soup is quite nice too:

Not to be forgotten our group photo:

One more:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blessing Night

The lunar month is still July, the Ghost fest......

Instead of burning money for praying...... Can also donate some money to help the needed people for charity. A Blessing night was held in Golden Horse Palace on last Sunday night.

The volunteers car pooled to the palace earlier in the afternoon to do preparation. Full Moon & I never thought the palace was just less than 10mins drive from home ^^

This time me & Full Moon were assigned to different groups.

We're not involving on the stage:

I was assigned to promote the food container for environmental protection. Well, the milky colour containers were selling better than the transparent ones.

The chopsticks, tiny spoon, container and cup were designed to fit into small bag to carry around easily for tapao/hygiene purpose. The plastic materials were using the similar quality as good as baby milk bottles:

There were different profession of volunteers such as doctors, teachers or uni students in special uniforms. One of a lady doctor parked her first aid box and equipments at my booth. She's busying packing her things and looks kinda cool. Suddenly she asked am I a teacher -_-"? She thinks being a teacher is the hardest job.

That night my booth's sales hit RM1283.20 ^^

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Won Jam Hsiao's Wild Dreams Album

Yesterday went out to shopping whole day, once back to home and saw this envelope from One FM. It's a surprise! The 2nd thought, I knew it's Jam Hsiao's album because this was the only contest I took part recently:

Check out the Winner List.

OMG, so Happy that it's really the album ^^

I just answered 2 questions and completed a slogan telling why I want the album in 30 words throught One FM website and I got it:

The album contains 14 songs in 2 CDs:

The album that the organiser sent would normally be promotional copy:

Inside had a lyric booklet:

You (你) is my favourite song among the songs in this album. He's the drummer for this song, as well as the producer of the whole album:

Clone (复制人) is also a great song:

This album is very impressive that I'd wanted to have a collection, and now I had a free copy from the radio station:

Jam Hsiao - The Legend from Million Star:

More: about my previous post on Jam Hsiao Wild Dreams MV
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shopping Day

Me & NCL had a shopping day at 1U on Saturday:

Girls can shop whole day. We shop from morning 11am until 8pm night.

Had lunch at Old Town White Coffee:

Nyonya lunch set at RM15.90++

Shop until finally kept finding chair at shoe shops to rest our legs ^^

Saturday, August 13, 2011

CITE Bookfair

CITE Bookfair in Sri Petaling Hotel. Morning went over to the town in my area:

I did not buy this eventhough I like him so much. Fortunately the book wasn't wrapped with plastic, so I could read it through during the fair, hehe. Jam Hsiao's 写真书, it's only photos and some simple wordings, can flip it through quite fast. The photos were shot in Guam(关岛) in US:

Some books can don't buy but flip it at the spot. Jay Chou's:

During the fair, all books were sold in 20% discount or 30% discount for CITE member.

I bought a book from one of my favourite author - Liu Xuan's City Streets & Pulsing Beats (RM16 after discounted):

It's written in short articles, good for me who seldom read. Some interesting titles among the 6 chapters like 穷得很时髦最贵又有什么价值错一点更好认真当个无所谓的人红灯区的艺术......