Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Meet Up at Cafe Takahashi

Christmas lunch at Cafe Takahashi @ Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL:

Janet:“你拍照不要太大动作,不然会吓到别人。” XD

We were at Table 15!

Unagi & Egg Pasta (Wafu Sauce) RM23.90:

My Pink Guava Juice, Hot Mocha......

A closer look at my cherry:

Teriyaki Chicken Curry with macaroni (RM17.90):

Takahashi Salad with Tuna Mayo (RM15.90):

Spicy Seafood Pizza (Tomato Sauce) RM22.90:

Scallop & Prawn Pizza (Tartare Sauce) RM24.90:

Merry... Merry... Christmas, everyone! And a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Gift Exchange

Xmas gathering at Cafe Takahashi, Pavilion KL.

The price range of our Xmas gift were between RM20-RM25:

I've got the xmas gift from Janet, similar to my gift too, LOL.

Some of us just so excited to wrap the gift and forgot to take away the price tag, so did I ;)

Whether to give or receive Xmas gift, it's just happy. This was the gift that I prepared:

Thermo Mug:

Just enjoyed the process of preparing my Xmas gift for friends:

Wrapped it with nice present wrapper:

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lunch at Face to Face Noodle House

Me & my family went over to Sri Petaling's Face to Face Noodle House for lunch:

Sarawak Cuisine again? This was my Traditional Sarawak Noodles (RM5.60):

Teresa had the Chef's Special Pan Mee (RM5.60) where she seldom had it in HK.

Dad's Garlic Chives Dumpling Pan Mee (RM5.80):

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Out to Pavilion KL

Lunch with my brothers & Teresa at Food Republic, Pavilion KL. Elder bro intro his gf to try out the Sarawak cuisine. This was the Sarawak Laksa (RM8.90):

My Seafood noodle soup with fresh prawns, fishballs, sotong, seaweed, crab meat, quite nice =p

My seafood noodle soup bowl was actually looked like this:

Elder bro's Beef noodle:

Younger bro's Fried noodle:

A photo after the meal:

Do we look alike?

Then we went up to the upper level at Pavilion to visit the Tokyo Street:

Many food stalls, Japanese restaurant & cafes, Japanese craft/cosmetics, Daiso Japan, etc:

Xmas is coming to town. How to fold Santa Origami:

Decorate yourself:

more Santa hanging on the Tokyo Street:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Belated Birthday Celebration at Sushi Zanmai

We celebrated Guan Hong & Pei Chi's belated birthday at Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens. This is the Sashimi Don:

The Dragon sushi roll ^^

Forgot what name of this rice:

My Beancurd Udon (RM7.80):

Green tea & little plate:

Tempura Soba noodle:

More sushi ^^

Fried prawn & Vege noodle:

Yummy sushi again ^^

yeah~ group photo while paying bill:

With single receipt, one 2012 calender was given, not enough to share among us -_-

Friday, December 09, 2011

Souvenir from Bali

Gerlin & Stephen had back from their Bali trip and I've chosen this as my souvenir, Little Fish wood craft ^^

Colleague back from Canada business trip, my souvenir:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dinner at Black Canyon Coffee

After Laser tag game, we headed to AEON Bukit Tinggi shopping centre for dinner.

We had a malay colleague, so ended up at Black Canyon Coffee for Halal food.

The food was just normal. This was my Green Curry Fettuccine and the curry was quite watery:

NCL's spaghetti was like chinese big fried, LOL:

Chuah's spaghetti was like chinese WatDanHo:

The menu looks attractive but actually it's just so so. Perhaps it's better on coffee?