Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pray for Japan

The guest started to arrive around 7:30pm, video clips of earthquake were shown. Then Song of Caring with hand Sign Language was performed by the volunteers. Followed by Japan earthquake news collection from CNN, NHK and other youtube short clips.

The foundation broadcasted what actions that they had taken after 1 hour of the earthquake happened. Boxes of blankets, food and water were packed in Taiwan headquater. While waiting the food to be sent over to Japan, volunteers in Japan branch gathered in Tokyo to prepare some hot meal, they had chosen to cook Japanese favourite - curry rice. Everyday the relief team travel from Tokyo to Oarai town to deliver the food. The volunteers made sure they were protected away from the radiation too. Some walked to the street in other cities for fundraising. The part of Japan branch had done well. What about here? Then they put up power point slides of the fundraising activity in the past one week that the volunteers walked to the crowd for donation.

Then video again, showing Japan had suffered from the Great Kanto earthquake (1923 with 8M), kobe earthquake (1995, 7M) and now the greatest from Japan history with 9 magnitude. Tonight was not only pray for Japan, it's also for the newest earthquake in Myanmar, the past of Yunnan earthquake and NZ earthquake, etc. All lights were off (earth hour?!), electrical candles were lighted up with sorrow songs for a few minutes.

It seems the earth is sending out alert to us. One is as small as an ant but we all still could join our hands, our hearts together for global warming. Here they passed us a heart shape colour paper:

After filled up the paper, we dropped it into their basket and light meals were served. It's vegetarian food that sponsored by one of the volunteers that own her vegetarian restaurant in OUG.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fund-raising for Japan

Went over to do recycle this morning, there's fund raising for Japan earthquake and tsunami. The volunteers were called to raise fund at LRT station last night because there was Super Junior korean concert at Putra Indoor stadium. My volunteer friend told me that the malay fans were surprisingly more enthusiastic on donating money than the chinese fans. They were raising fund at other places like shopping malls, night market, jogging gardens, LRT stations, etc.

There could donate any amount of donation as they like. All were given cards to write down their blessings for the earthquake victims. Food distribution had already delivered to Japan. Anybody can come and join the Pray for Japan on the coming Saturday night.
This morning at the recycle point, we received a lot of cassettes and video tapes. They said the plastic of the cassettes were recycable.

So we pulled out the film from cassettes as rubbish. The cards in the cassettes were recycable as hard paper.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Farewell Lunch at Courtyard Garden

Farewell lunch for David at Courtyard Garden, Damansara Heights.

David's Kuay Teow cantonese fried:

My Ayam Percik (RM25):

The Golden Thai fish (RM25) came the last:

Our honey dew dragon fruit dessert:

David gave a speech before we walked back to office:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Matta Fair

It's Matta fair again. Me & CJ headed to search for Bali package because we had booked the Bali flight ticket from AirAsia last year October. We had dropped the 2 or 3 stars hotel, and had picked one of the 4 star hotel - Harris Riverview Kuta Bali (4 nights) .It sounds kinda luxurious compared to my previous budget trips.

The Macau booth:

Taiwan booth:

While we were about to leave, suddenly we were held back by the drum performance - Fanta Stick from Korea:

This remind me of the performance of Yamato :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rock n Roll Night Annual Dinner

[11 Mar 2011] Our company annual dinner held in Grand Dorsett Subang hotel on last friday. Whoever registered to attend could left office earlier at 3:45pm to go home dress ourself.

This year's theme was 'Glam Rock n Roll'.

Boon Hong, CJ & I:

My teammates:

The Rock n Roll colleagues:

My table no.29:

yeah, everybody show your rock signs!

My luck draw for this year - RM100 Jusco voucher:

Saw Terrence:

Group photo with my IT colleagues:

Hui Ying & her 5 years service award gift:

The guys mabuk:

The rock band of the night.

Door gift - Torch light + Alarm clock. Just nice, I need an alarm clock rather than using my mobile phone to wake me up every morning.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Farewell Lunch at My Elephant

Chris suggested to do a farewell lunch for Internal Audit's Natalie. So, we went to SS17 My Elephant.

Chris' Parsley Chicken & Rice:

Natalie's brown rice served with Seafood Tom Yum (RM10.90):

Her Tom Yum wasn't spicy at all:

My Green Curry Chicken noodle (RM8.90). We all ordered their set lunch which served with Pandan drinks:

Chris ordered fish cake (RM8) to try. It's mixed with long bean:

We noticed all of the furnitures in this restaurant were bought from Ikea.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Seng Kok's Wedding Dinner

Seng Kok invited 6 tables of colleagues to attend his wedding dinner at Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant in SStwo Mall, PJ.
First dish - Dynasty Dragon Four Seasons Combination:

Only Seng Kok 'V':

Then followed by Braised Seafood Soup with Fish Lips and this Roasted Suckling Piglet:

As usual, we had Fish (Steamed Sea Spotted Grouper with Soya Sauce), Vege (Braised Top Shell with Ling Zhi Mushroom) and Prawns (Deep-fried Sea Prawns with Butter Sauce):

Steamed Glutinous Rice in Nyonya Style:

Ready wrapped for us:

Finally it's Yum-Sing session:

Double-boiled Aloe Vera with Ginseng & Sea Coconut and Mini Bun & Cheese Pancake:

Friday, March 04, 2011

Lunch at Subway

There are 2 Subway franchise nearby my office but I have never been to either one before. Just coincidence my colleagues from another department passed a few Subway coupon, so today me & my lunch mates went over to Subway:

By using this coupon, we must buy a 6" Sandwich and 2 medium drinks to free another 6" Sandwich.

This was my 6" Subway Club Sandwich which made of Wheat bread, Beef meat, Tomato & Vege mixed in mayonnaise sauce: