Monday, June 30, 2008

Living Expenses .Jan - Jun 2008.

So fast that another 6 months have passed away...... The learning fee is much more higher, it's including the nihongo class fee until 15/1/09. The trips & tours are just the deposit for Hanoi trip package.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birthday Celebration at UFO Steamboat

UFO Churning Pot Steamboat is a newly open steamboat buffet restaurant in 3Two Square, SS14, PJ. PeiChi recommended us to celebrate Aren's birthday at there. It is now having promotion until end of the month where normal price is RM21++, and now it's RM17++. It has 3 type of soup, TomYam and two not spicy soup. Arenさんの誕生日は6月29日から、きのう会社の人とレストランで晩ごはんを食べました。
CJ, Gerlin, HuiYing and Aren.... 10 of us.
CWH's fishballs with different brands.
Again we still don't believe CWH is praying the Sea God(海龙王宗教) that he cannot eat seafood with shells because they are higher level than him. Only fish and lower level seafood (that doesn't have shells) are allowed to eat wor.... eventhough not alergy to seafood.
hehe... my bowl of dishes:) えびが2つあります。
My first time to see this - Scallop. 帆立貝があります。
Still got cakes, fruits and many flavours of ice-cream. So colourful of my cup:) ケーキと果物とアイスクリームガあります。
10 of us, the bill is only RM196++. Very worth to eat this buffet, somemore the environment isn't that chaotic like Yuen steamboat.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I received 2 key rings from Siew Lee last Monday. She went to Bangkok for vacation. 月曜日わたしは会社の人にタイ旅游の記念品をもらいました。Siew Lee さんは家族とバンコクへ行きました。

- Music -
Another MV of Jam Hsiao - 王子的新衣(Prince's New Dress). 比较摇滚的一首歌曲, 不懂为什么萧敬腾那么喜欢用假喉音来呐喊类似帮乔飞(Bon Jovi)的唱法,这有点不太自然,虽然他喜欢帮乔飞, 。但我还是比较喜欢萧敬腾真诚地诠释深情的歌曲,譬如专辑内的‘奋不顾身’、‘活着’、‘一辈子存在’等,最喜欢听到他拉的滑音。

萧闳仁(据说差一点是星光二班的萧敬腾接班人,因为被邀去PK,但他拒绝了)vs 徐佳莹 - 身騎白馬 & 王宝钏苦守寒窑十八年:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The coming Hanoi trip

For the coming Vietnam trip (19/7/08-25/7/08, 7D6N), we will be visiting Hanoi city, Sapa and Halong Bay. I'm following my colleagues - CJ, HuiYing, NCL, PeiChi and Shaz. 6 girls again, flying by AirAsia. We have booked 2 tour packages from South Pacific Travel.

- Sapa Tour -
Duration: 2D3N, Cost: USD129.

20 Jul 08: Overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai Station.
- Royal train A/C soft sleeper cabin.

21 Jul 08: Lao Cai > Sapa > Lao Chai > Tavan (Home stay).
- 5hrs trek (dirt paths/downhill):
- Breakfast at Sapa Town,
- trek down to valley of Muong Hoa,
- reach Lao Chai & Tavan to visit the Tay & Day tribes.

22 Jul 08: Sapa > Coc Ly market > Bao Nhai > Lao Cai > Night train.
- 3hrs trek:
- 6:30am depart from Sapa,
- 8:30am reach Coc Ly market (trading of H'Mong & Tay tribes),
- 1.5hrs boat trip along Chay River to visit Fairy Cave,
- visit Bao Nhai small town,
- have dinner before getting on overnight train.

23 Jul 08: Arrive back to Hanoi Station at 5:30am.

- Halong Bay -
Duration: 2D1N, Cost: USD99.
Kayaking grade: Moderate.

23 Jul 08: Hanoi > Halong Bay > Halong Phoenix Cruiser
- onboard to visit Amazing cave,
- go kayaking 1.5hrs to Luon cave,
- overnight onboard the traditional Junk.

24 Jul 08: Halong Phoenix Cruiser > Halong Bay > Hanoi
- heading to Van Gia fishing village.

From the itineraries, this trip seems like involving all sort of transportation from sea, land and sky, seems like very tiring and adventurous.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lining up for Petrol

There are 3 petrol stations along the street that I'm living, Caltex, Shell & Esso. Ended up both sides of the street are jam.
- Souvenir -
Shaz just back from Medan with her family. She bought us some glass flowers.

- Music -
等到了林宥嘉,现在我更期待萧敬腾。最近都在用RealPlayer下载他们的video clip from YouTube. This is Jam Hsiao's 收藏 'Collection'.