Sunday, April 30, 2006

Picnic at Ulu Bendul & Wedding dinner

Our colleagues were having a wedding dinner in Malacca last night. So, we planned to depart earlier in the morning and stop at Ulu Bendul waterfall(Negeri 9) for picnic lunch:

The bridegroom and vegetarian Fish:

The bride & bridegroom are colleagues but different department. hmm, everyone laughed that whether they are working or pak tor in the office? We finished our dinner at 10pm. By the time I back from Malacca to KL, it's only 12pm, not that late.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

JiangNan Trip

This trip is kinda educational, had listened a lot of stories of China history while enjoying the beautiful sceneries. Among 5 cities (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing) in JiangNan, I love Hangzhou the most. Post some photos here first:-

Shanghai Pudong:

The night view of ShanghaiTan(上海滩) from Asia tallest tower, Oriental Pearl Tower. It's the 3rd tallest in World where the 1st in Canada, 2nd in Russia and 4th KL Tower.
Shanghai is divided into 2 parts by HuangPu RiverPudong浦东(East) & Puxi浦西(West). Puxi is rather old while Pudong is newly grown with 15 years of history.

Left: On they way to China no.1 Leaning Tower.
Right: LingShan Buddha, the world largest standing buddha. Its right hand shows up(Sky) and left hand shows down(Ground) which means "天地之间,唯我独尊" in Chinese.

Wuxi Nanxun Water village is awesome with its river ride thru olden days village. It's so comfortable while the wind blow and seeing the LiuShu trees.

QingHeFang cultural street was full of old style shops selling many things. I had YueFei cake(定胜糕) here.

Shanghai XiaoLongBao(Left). All meals through the trip, we were provided 2 bottles of china beer & 1 bottle of soft drink. The beer is cheaper than soft drink because it's China product while soft drink such as Coke is imported. Thus, we can exchange 1 bottle of soft drink to 2 bottles of beer. The taste of beer is slightly less bitter than our carlsberg. So, we can drink beer like drink water.

Our tour guide, XiaoMao 小毛, told us a lot of stories and intro the meanings of all buildings/places interestingly. He has 7yrs of experience as tour guide, 4 years of experience as Malaysian visitors tour guide. Find that Malaysian is language talented but he hardly understands when Malaysian speaks various languages in one sentence. He explained that during shopping, their country's 8折=80% discount. I find that this trip was a bit rush as we only have 1 day to spend in each city while there were a lot more to discover. It's nice to see the ppl there, their culture, etc.

HangZhou has its different looks in different seasons, eg: winter of Hangzhou will full of the beauty of sakura, maybe many many years later we can visit it during winter.

I will upload more photos later when I'm free.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Almost finish packing everything which need for travel. Tomorrow, our flight is at midnight 1:30pm from KLIA to Shanghai. Borrowed extra CF card 16MB from HuiYing, at least have extra 37 pieces of photos can take. Dad also lent me his multipurpose pouch and elder bro's digital camera 128MB. Ready for 7 Days trip... We'll be back on 21 April 11:40pm.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

on the road

8:30am in front of my shop house......



Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Phuket Souvenirs

My colleagues back from Phuket island and spent 1k+ each because of AirAsia flight tickets offer during last year. They brought me some souvenirs. HuiYing said b4 that she wanna break the souvenir tradision to eliminate souvenir money. However, she at least still got buy me a Thai pouch:

ChooiFong's key ring:

PeiChi's bookmark:

They said the corals weren't that nice after destroyed by the Tsunami. The death corals on sand caused the visitors feet pain while walking on beach.

Today also received a RM100 voucher of RedBox. However, the conditions are for minimum 10 persons and after lunch hour, valid period from 1-30 April only.