Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bali Trip Day 5

[25 Jun 2011] Last day in Bali. We had a very heavy breakfast because we only bought bread for lunch from yesterday =p

Then we had a morning swim in hotel. One of the pool was just nice for beginner like me because it's not deep. So I could also jog in the pool, LOL. It's kinda relaxing bcoz it's also broadcasting light & easy music at the swimming pool :)

Around 12pm we checked out from hotel and waited for Agung to pick us up while having a light lunch. On the way to Uluwatu, Agung stopped us at a shop which sold layered cakes & other souvenirs.

We reached Uluwatu. We're given sarung or string to tided on our waist. We're given 2 long sticks to chase away monkeys:

Becareful with the monkeys because they might grab away your sun glasses:

Wow, once I reached the cliff at Uluwatu, the wave were awesome! Like soap bubbles:

Today was very sunny too ;)

We stopped for a while here because the wave was just too awesome, splashing the rocks:

Must becareful while standing at the cliff because you might fall down from here:

Sky was so blue, so was the sea. Looks like no difference:

The crystal clear sea wave and little flowers:

The temple was over the other side:

CJ asked me to pose one at here, the result was good:

Guys also had fun at the green field too:

Group photo at Uluwatu:

More group photo, this one was using the DSLR:

The monkeys here were very aggressive, some tourists' pouch or slippers were grabbed away by monkeys. The locals who helped the tourist to get back their belongings were so happy counting the money/reward from tourists:

It's the end of the trip. Since we still had time, so Agung brought us to a coffee factory:

We were served with coffee:

They introduced us the Luwak coffee but it's too expensive.

None of us bought the coffee but we bought the corns outside of the factory, LOL. The nuts in Bali wasn't very nice compared to Msia:

Bought the corn before leaving to airport:

Something I bought back from Bali. The cashew nougat, nuts and prawn cracker, all also very nice:

Bali Trip: Itinerary
Accommodation: Harris Riverview Hotel
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Doing Charity in Vegetarian Restaurant

Saturday morning suddenly received call from yamei that she couldn't find any volunteers to help her open a booth. And I was just free at home, she just needed me from 10:30am to 3pm, so a 10mins drive to Sri Petaling town, I reached the vegetarian restaurant.

The boss of the restaurant already agreed to let us open booth and allowed to play our video. The getting donation member duty leave it to my seniors and I was just handling my selling booth :) As usual, opened up all the boxes of noodles/books/recipe DVDs and displayed on the table that the restaurant had prepared for us:

Other than selling, there were brochures to intro the crowd to next month's Ghost fest Night event in Golden Horse Palace on 21 Aug. They could write down their names as it's limited seats to 1500 ppl.

Finally, after filled up the Daily Sales Record form to yamei and packed up the boxes, yamei will send them back to the foundation.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Charity Sale on Recycle Night

Whenever there's an event, there will have crowd and there's opportunity to run the charity sale. On saturday evening, my senior Paulin had taken the product from the foundation and asked us to help her to sell. After opened out from boxes to do opening stock checking, then we displayed the items on tables.

Tonight they wanted us to sell out some healthy food product, such as noodles & rice. The flavour of the noodles included Tomato, Curry, Chinese Herb (yok choi) and Vege. The noodles cost slightly expensive (5 packets for RM14) but more healthy than instant noodles because it's without colouring & preservative, so it's normally kept for 5 months. Chinese Herb flavour was the most wanted product during the sale. Tonight was about Recycling Night, of course we had to sell food container:

The event was held at flat area where they wanted to introduce the importance of protecting environment & recycling to the neighbourhood. The volunteers sponsored some free food for the night to attract the community to join the event. They had also built a tent which was covered with plastic bags. Just to let you feel what if you're covered with plastic bags without fresh air, kinda hot inside:

Full Moon always shared her experience about bookfest event because she works as HR in Popular. Anyway, we couldn't even sell one book during the night, OMG.

There's a booth for children. This was one of the most successful booth and they had a school teacher as their volunteer to teach the children about environment protection:

The children was happy to get free gift from the games/quizzes about enviromental protection.

At the end of the night, after checking our closing stock, our sale booth only managed to get RM269, it's not good. Anyway, tonight we'd intro the neighbourhood about recycling during the Talk & video session. Planning to open one more new Recycle Point here in the future if the president of the flat community agreed.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bali Trip Day 4

[24 Jun 2011] Today was free & easy but we decided to take the package that Agung recommended and we spent most of our money today. We went to Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua beach.

We decided to pay 200,000rp to try out the Bottom Glass Boat + visiting Turtle Island. In the middle of the boat, there's a glass underneath that we could see through under the water:

They stopped us at the middle of the sea, then we were given some bread to feed the fish and let the fish went under our boat.

But actually we hardly see any fish -_-" under the boat. The fish prefer to swim outside of the boat.

Later we were required to get down from the boat from far away and walked to the Turtle Island:

Here we reached the Deluang Sari Turtle Farm in Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua:

Soaked your leg in the water and got near to the turtle:

Small turtle was kinda heavy too:

I thought I wanted to put the bat's legs wider, so its wings can spread wider ^^

It nearly bited my hand:

We were afraid to hold the snakes on our body, so just took a group photo with it:

What bird was this again? After visiting the Turtle farm, you're required to donate to the center.

After back from Turtle Island, you can choose to play water sports (3 games around 200,000rp):

It's very sunny today, this was where we got sun burnt:

The sky was so blue and full of parachute balloons:

After Agung treated us lunch (fried rice only), he recommended us Wave SPA in Nusa Dua:

My first time to try out Spa. It costs 250,000rp (2hrs) on Aromatic Foot Bath, Balinese Traditional Massage, Body Scrub, Yogurt Body Polish, Flower Bath with cup of Herbal Ginger tea, Body Contour Skin Lotion. Each person was done in private room.

After a good rest at Spa, we were sent to Kuta area at own leisure in the evening:

We passed through the Discovery Mall and watched the sunset at Kuta:

The beach in Kuta wasn't very nice but the area was kinda happening:

We simply found a place for dinner at Febri's restaurant. My Tomato Fettuccini (36,000rp):

We stopped by BreadTalk to buy some bread for tomorrow's lunch as we'd spent a lot of money today:

Then we decided to walk back to hotel. At first it was 3km away but we lost our way back. It had became 7km away. We accidentally passed by Hard Rock cafe in Bali:

No choice, so we took a cab to go back hotel.

Bali Trip: Itinerary
Accommodation: Harris Riverview Hotel
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