Sunday, August 21, 2011

Won Jam Hsiao's Wild Dreams Album

Yesterday went out to shopping whole day, once back to home and saw this envelope from One FM. It's a surprise! The 2nd thought, I knew it's Jam Hsiao's album because this was the only contest I took part recently:

Check out the Winner List.

OMG, so Happy that it's really the album ^^

I just answered 2 questions and completed a slogan telling why I want the album in 30 words throught One FM website and I got it:

The album contains 14 songs in 2 CDs:

The album that the organiser sent would normally be promotional copy:

Inside had a lyric booklet:

You (你) is my favourite song among the songs in this album. He's the drummer for this song, as well as the producer of the whole album:

Clone (复制人) is also a great song:

This album is very impressive that I'd wanted to have a collection, and now I had a free copy from the radio station:

Jam Hsiao - The Legend from Million Star:

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