Saturday, February 11, 2012

Visit Patients in General Hospital

Today was free to join my seniors to General Hospital Monthly Visit for the first time. We had the permission to visit wad 1 to 6 with different kind of sickness from 3pm - 5pm.

We were given a briefing. The seniors told us not to touch the patients that's marked with red signal because of virus infections. After the visit, we should go back directly to clean and take a bath before we head for next activity. Some patients were abandoned by their families or society because of their sickness, we were here to care of them, talk to them, maybe this is their only time that someone willing to listen to them, or need our help. We shouldn't approach any patients that were sleeping.

group will have 3 to 4 people. The name of patients were listed on the board in the wad. My group took 2 patients from Class 2 and 4 from Class 3. I'm new, so I just stand behind my seniors and monitor what they did or record down the details. 1st patient was waiting operation of cancer on her neck and liver, but she broke her leg at home because of serious Osteoporosis. 2nd malay lady was just 18 years old, born with Scoliosis, needed 2 times operation that requires 20K. Another 2 patients were fallen down from motorbike and broke her their legs but one of the rider was without motor license. Another lady cut her index finger when fixing the door lock but didn't clean her wound and caused inflammation, she stayed here for observation to avoid Tetanus. Another group was giving cares to diabetes patients.

At 4:30pm we were back to submit our reports and to share opinions before dismissed. Next batch will follow up our findings.

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