Sunday, July 10, 2011

Volunteering on Scholarship Home Visiting

What can do on a meaningful Sunday morning? This Sunday I was free, so I followed my senior volunteers to do the Scholarship Home Visiting. The project was just started for a month and lack of volunteers to do it. We must check as many applications as possible by visiting to the houses of applicants, to make sure your money is donated to the right people.

Within one morning, my group of 4 volunteers managed to visit 3 houses. We used GPS to find the houses. While investigating from one house to one house, the situation of one house was more worst than another house.

House A's Student:
Monthly Salary:
RM1500 (Father only)
Family Member: Dad, Mum, applicant & 2 siblings.
Dad & Mum are healthy. 2 childrens are good in study. Mum just gave birth a baby this month, using breastfeeding to save cost. 5 family members rent a room (RM150). Father walks to work, no need transportation fees. One children walks to school, another children by bus (RM1 per day), tuition fee (RM40). Monthly food expenses for family (RM400). Electricity/Water bill (RM30).
Application: Reject (They still can survive).

House B's Student:
Monthly Salary: RM450 (Mother only)
Family Member: Dad, Mum, applicant & 2 siblings.
Dad's leg is swollen because of very bad diabetes, nobody hired. No socso, no EPF. He showed his legs that it's coming out watery liquid. Dad has free medical check up. Mum is working as cook. Monthly food expenses requires RM400. Transport fee for one kid (RM1 per day by bus), no extra money for tuition. Pocket money for one kid (RM1 per day). House rent RM150 (Already 7 months haven't paid). Dad's brother once a month will visit them and gave RM50. Monthly electricity/water bill is roughly RM30. House no TV. Suggested to apply Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) and OKU.
Application: Approve (Living expenses are more than salary).

House C's Student:
Monthly Salary: RM100 (Mother only. Yes, it's one hundred)
Family Member: Mum, applicant & 2 siblings.
Dad is missing (alcoholic), rather not finding him as he gave problems to the family. Mum is having severe diabetes, no ability to work. She sometimes went to recycle center to separate resources and get the money to feed the 3 kids. Luckily her neighbours are willing to help her, giving them food, bringing her to hospital. Neighbour helped to cover her room rental (RM150). Suggested to apply Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) which is opposite the general hospital that she's visiting.
Application: Approve (No ability to work, somemore with 3 kids).

By seeing how bad the situation is, this scholarship application is just RM200 per student (1 time off) for next year school opening to buy their books, school clothes, school fees and other study expenses only. We have to give up some people because the donations are limited and they are more people who needs it. Hopefully the children can have education and get a better job in the future to change their situation.

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