Sunday, February 19, 2012

Go Green on Sunday Morning

3rd Sunday of the month, free to go for recycling. Today's recipe - Fried Bean Curd Salad with Thai Chilli:

Mixed the fried bean curd / fried tohu, slices of carrot & cucumber with Thai Chilli sauce that we can get from supermarket:

Breakfast with porridge. Cooked with Potato, Carrot, Dong Choi, Corns, Canned Peanut, tasted very good!

Time to collect the donation receipts for my dearest donors with magazines:

While separating the papers/envelopes, today I collected many stamps ^^

Zoom in. The art of Embroidery (Left). Construction Gantry & Tunnel Breakthrough (Right):

Bunga Teratai (Nelumbium Nelumbo) and Pejabat Pos Kuala Kangsar Perak:

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