Sunday, June 20, 2010

Volunteering at Recycle Point

Today my blog is full of rubbish. Yes, because of working as volunteer at one of the recycle point at my area. When I reached there, Sheau Yuan was already busy separating the plastic with other materials.

I find that I'm not educated enough about recycling. I was not sure the rubbish was belongs to which category and what could not be recycled, then I sometimes will seek advice from other volunteers.

By looking at the sign board pictures, I hope I didn't mix the material wrongly -_-"

I smashed the most aluminium cans in my life today =p

Maybe last night the residents watched the World Cup till late night, there were less people passing by to give us the recycle materials in the early morning but reaching 10am+ it's normal again.

Please rinse the bottles or glasses cleanly before sending to the recycle point to ease their job.

Are these the things you use normally? You can send for recycle:

The polystyrene could not be processed, all have to become rubbish. The plastic bag which contains silver colour material sticking on it (e.g.: instant noodle season packet, some biscuit packet, oats packet, some sweets packet, etc) also could not be processed in our country yet bcoz we still don't have the machine. The volunteers told me their branch in Taiwan is able to send them to process because the country has the technology.

Please wash the old clothes before sending to the recycle point. There was one guy bought his wet dirty shoe over, we had to throw it away because of hygiene issue. There were new clothes still with price tag too.

For paper material, we will separate it into 4 categories: newspaper, black & white paper, colour paper and hard paper (e.g.: boxes). Black & white paper will need less chemical during recycling compared to colour paper. Some residents packed their papers mixing in all these 4 categories, so we had to filter them again. Some envelopes mixed with plastic that we'd to tear them out too.

All the recycle points are held once a month of 3rd Sunday only, 8am - 11am. By 11am, 3 lorries came by to pick up our recycle materials to send over to the factory. Beside of environmental issue, the money that earn from recycling will become the fund for the charity organisation too ^_^

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