Saturday, November 05, 2011

An Afternoon Working in Cafe

Alloted a timeslot (3pm - 7pm) for me to work in this cafe. There are 3 timeslots a day, volunteers could pick 10am - 3pm, 3pm - 7pm or 7pm - 10pm from the schedule.

Attire of white collar formal shirt, black pants and black shoes with given uniform apron.

A glass of free lemon cold water (refillable) are provided for each customer, followed by taking order. Customer could order at least 1 drink if wanted to sit down to read books. Tables with sofa seats are provided power socket for notebooks and wifi are available for surfing.

They spent their own leisure playing chess, doing assignments, reading, online, chatting with friends in the cafe.

more: The Opening of Bookstore Cafe in Puchong


hui ying said...

is it also volunteering work?

Yan Ting said...

yup, it's the kind of cafe in bukit bintang that you last time attend ur chinese caligraphy class~