Sunday, October 09, 2011

Working in Parent-Child Growing Class

Morning was free to help out preparing the sales booth in Parent-Child Class. It's normally held on very 2nd week of Sunday for primary school kids (9am - 11:30am):

Stock that suitable for children & parents, including books/CD&DVD:

Different flavour of noodles & rice. So far I had tried the Herb & Miso flavour and I prefer the Miso :) Will get a chance to try the rest next time:

This little girl was settled beside our booth to do her homework while watching her elder sister in class:

The class isn't teaching lessons in school but related to moral/manners. There was one time in class that showing the process of how the baby looks like in their mums during the 10 months pregnancy to respect and care for their parents.

There was also one time they prepared some buttons, needles and clothes to the children and teaching on how to fix their buttons. Another time was teaching on recycling and environmental protection awareness, etc.

Another group of volunteers prepared food for the kids as morning tea:

During rest time, kids came over to our booth, our time to work:

Showing the proper way of holding the chopsticks and bowl of Chinese culture and the manners during dining:

Children follow what they see, how the parents behave might reflect to the child. This is a commercial ad that best describe it. Children See Children Do:

Dunno Ya Mei went to where but this was a gift from her:

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