Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Product Briefing for Volunteers

This time the training was carried out at Batu Caves branch. The food product that we normally sell were displayed on the table nicely. Variety flavours of noodles/rice, biscuits, soup, oat powder, etc:

The food could not keep long (duration 6 months) because it's without Preservative & Artificial additives. They are invented to easily be served during disaster, such as the instant rice that can be prepared with cold/hot water in several minutes. During disaster (eg, flood, earthquake in Japan/Myanmar...), the product will be retrieved and send over to disaster area.

If there's no disaster, the product should be sold as quickly as possible because they could not be kept long. They should always have enough stock for disaster period. Food sold, money will be kept for the Charity foundation's backing.

Tonight the volunteers were given briefing on the food product. They even made demo on cooking:

Ingredient for making vegetarian sushi using the instant rice product:

Sashimi can be replaced with papaya, LOL:

Tonight's briefing became a "makan-makan" session or "cooking" class?! -_-"

Using the Oat powder product can make this?

Oat powder mixed with agar-agar, taste good:

The food are kinda instant and can be prepared very fast and healthy.... hmm, very convenient for busy people. Thanks for tonight whoever sponsored the food :)

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indonesiatooverseas said...

It seem all of them are so delicious. Share the receipt please...