Sunday, November 20, 2011

Recycle Day again

It's 3rd week of Sunday again - The Recycle Day. Today we had Vegetarian Pizza:

Volunteer shared her recipe on how to make Vegetarian Pizza. She prepared the ingredients including pineapples, slices of mushroom, cheese, mayo, vege ham, etc into plastic bags. Put all the ingredients on top of a slice of bread and bake it in oven will do:

Volunteers sponsored porridge and red bean tong sui too. Porridge was cooked with corns, carrots, potatoes, Dong Choi, etc:

We can cut about 1.53kg of CO2 a day by carrying your own food utensils, cutting power, saving water, sharing transportation and having meatless meal:

Switch the air-con temperature range to 26 - 28C, One meatless meal saves 780g CO2.

We create a lot of rubbish everyday. Some rubbish can be recycled as resources such as plastic packages from our daily food product:

While helping to separate the papers and envelopes, today I found a stamp for my collection :) It's Yellow Wagtail:

Recipe on Recycle Day
Working at Recycle Point

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