Sunday, October 26, 2008

Morning walk in FRIM

What a fine day, just nice to have a walk in FRIM.

Today we came out to celeb Hoon's birthday.

Everybody please look back......

Unfortunately the bridge of Canopy Walk was under maintenance. Anyway, after reaching down the hill, we could relax at the waterfall for a while and took some photos.

Continued walking... came to a collapsed tree.

Tall trees everywhere. The skin of tree.

In front of the FRIM souvenir shop, there was a free fish SPA but already seated by other people. So we didn't want to wait and decided to go for lunch.

Here we reached the Chicken Hot Pot (重庆鸡公煲) in Taman Usahawan Kepong. Suhsi joined us for lunch, it became 5 of us. We ordered one middle size chicken hot pot.
And one more middle size prawn hot pot. It's cooked with many french fries, the fries were more delicious than the prawn. After almost finishing the chicken/prawn, they will add soup into the pot to become steamboat. You can continue to order other vege or food to add in the pot.

It's so hot & spicy. We continued to go for another restaurant opposite the row of shop which specialised in ice dessert - Mill Wheel.

Mango ice-cream cake. (RM4.90)

The name of this Chocolate & Milk tea ice is called Forty. (RM9.90)



Josephine said...

Hey, So "ngam" geh.
I also got blog about "pao bing", and i also got blog about FRIM.

Yan Ting said...

ya... very coincidence.
pao bing not bad, cheap & nice.