Monday, October 24, 2011

Hoon's Birthday Celebration at Daorae Korean BBQ

After trekking in FRIM, we headed to Kepong's Daorae Korean BBQ restaurant:

Hot tea and Seaweed Soup:

4 of us ordered Herb pork and Chicken for BBQ:

Side dishes included KimChi, fresh & crunchy enough:

Vege also very well cooked:

Bean sprouts:

Fried Egg in pieces, inside dunno with what ingredient =)

Black bean:

I like this fruit salad but it just refilled twice or third only:

Kimchi white carrot:

Little fish, so so only because it's not sweet enough and the nuts were not crunchy already:

Spicy cucumber:

We ordered Fried Nin-Gou but kinda spicy:

KimChi Ramen, hot & spicy, just nice:

Our herb pork before BBQ:

Herb pork after BBQ:

After the morning walk in FRIM, we all were too hungry and managed to finish all the food,LOL. All the plates were just clean and nice to wash :)

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