Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bali Trip Day 5

[25 Jun 2011] Last day in Bali. We had a very heavy breakfast because we only bought bread for lunch from yesterday =p

Then we had a morning swim in hotel. One of the pool was just nice for beginner like me because it's not deep. So I could also jog in the pool, LOL. It's kinda relaxing bcoz it's also broadcasting light & easy music at the swimming pool :)

Around 12pm we checked out from hotel and waited for Agung to pick us up while having a light lunch. On the way to Uluwatu, Agung stopped us at a shop which sold layered cakes & other souvenirs.

We reached Uluwatu. We're given sarung or string to tided on our waist. We're given 2 long sticks to chase away monkeys:

Becareful with the monkeys because they might grab away your sun glasses:

Wow, once I reached the cliff at Uluwatu, the wave were awesome! Like soap bubbles:

Today was very sunny too ;)

We stopped for a while here because the wave was just too awesome, splashing the rocks:

Must becareful while standing at the cliff because you might fall down from here:

Sky was so blue, so was the sea. Looks like no difference:

The crystal clear sea wave and little flowers:

The temple was over the other side:

CJ asked me to pose one at here, the result was good:

Guys also had fun at the green field too:

Group photo at Uluwatu:

More group photo, this one was using the DSLR:

The monkeys here were very aggressive, some tourists' pouch or slippers were grabbed away by monkeys. The locals who helped the tourist to get back their belongings were so happy counting the money/reward from tourists:

It's the end of the trip. Since we still had time, so Agung brought us to a coffee factory:

We were served with coffee:

They introduced us the Luwak coffee but it's too expensive.

None of us bought the coffee but we bought the corns outside of the factory, LOL. The nuts in Bali wasn't very nice compared to Msia:

Bought the corn before leaving to airport:

Something I bought back from Bali. The cashew nougat, nuts and prawn cracker, all also very nice:

Bali Trip: Itinerary
Accommodation: Harris Riverview Hotel
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Vi said...

you are so pretty without the spec~

Yan Ting said...

thx for the compliment ^^

Murni Utariani Utama said...

hai. can i need your info about bali cashew nougat? where you buy it? many thanks. utari

Yan Ting said...

Utari, outside of the Tanah Lot, along the souvenir shops, one of the shops there.