Sunday, July 31, 2011

Doing Charity in Vegetarian Restaurant

Saturday morning suddenly received call from yamei that she couldn't find any volunteers to help her open a booth. And I was just free at home, she just needed me from 10:30am to 3pm, so a 10mins drive to Sri Petaling town, I reached the vegetarian restaurant.

The boss of the restaurant already agreed to let us open booth and allowed to play our video. The getting donation member duty leave it to my seniors and I was just handling my selling booth :) As usual, opened up all the boxes of noodles/books/recipe DVDs and displayed on the table that the restaurant had prepared for us:

Other than selling, there were brochures to intro the crowd to next month's Ghost fest Night event in Golden Horse Palace on 21 Aug. They could write down their names as it's limited seats to 1500 ppl.

Finally, after filled up the Daily Sales Record form to yamei and packed up the boxes, yamei will send them back to the foundation.

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