Sunday, July 24, 2011

Charity Sale on Recycle Night

Whenever there's an event, there will have crowd and there's opportunity to run the charity sale. On saturday evening, my senior Paulin had taken the product from the foundation and asked us to help her to sell. After opened out from boxes to do opening stock checking, then we displayed the items on tables.

Tonight they wanted us to sell out some healthy food product, such as noodles & rice. The flavour of the noodles included Tomato, Curry, Chinese Herb (yok choi) and Vege. The noodles cost slightly expensive (5 packets for RM14) but more healthy than instant noodles because it's without colouring & preservative, so it's normally kept for 5 months. Chinese Herb flavour was the most wanted product during the sale. Tonight was about Recycling Night, of course we had to sell food container:

The event was held at flat area where they wanted to introduce the importance of protecting environment & recycling to the neighbourhood. The volunteers sponsored some free food for the night to attract the community to join the event. They had also built a tent which was covered with plastic bags. Just to let you feel what if you're covered with plastic bags without fresh air, kinda hot inside:

Full Moon always shared her experience about bookfest event because she works as HR in Popular. Anyway, we couldn't even sell one book during the night, OMG.

There's a booth for children. This was one of the most successful booth and they had a school teacher as their volunteer to teach the children about environment protection:

The children was happy to get free gift from the games/quizzes about enviromental protection.

At the end of the night, after checking our closing stock, our sale booth only managed to get RM269, it's not good. Anyway, tonight we'd intro the neighbourhood about recycling during the Talk & video session. Planning to open one more new Recycle Point here in the future if the president of the flat community agreed.


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