Monday, July 18, 2011

Charity Night

We unpacked the books & DVDs out from the boxes for the opening stock checking.

Today our mission - Sell out all the DVDs of this drama - 'I Love Mei Jing' (A true story of the teacher Mei Jing (US Dollar) on how she taught her students and family). Starred by Taiwanese 锦绣二重唱's 琇琴:

The night was held at Cheras PGRM, Dewan Wawasan. Map briefing:

Put up all the DVDs on the table (round 1):

Displaying the sales product required techniques too, not just laying them down but put them stand up. Added a plant next to it (round 2):

Still not satisfied? Combined 2 products together (round 3):

Our 2nd mission was to promote this DVD (also based on true story):

All the dramas from the TV station are based on real stories from real life, should be very touching.

The actress of 'I Love Mei Jing' (琇琴) and the real person of the grand old lady (美金) from the drama were invited to the Charity night. We went into the hall after everyone went in:

Whoever bought their DVDs could attend their autograph session:

My friend, Full Moon (named after she was born on Lunar calender 15th Aug), really bought her DVD -_-" and signed by the actress & real person:

Teacher Mei Jing (琇琴):

Fans photograph session:

By end of the night, Sheau Yuan also bought the DVD as a birthday present for her sister. Although asking people to buy the DVDs but myself didn't even have watched the drama or buy the DVD, LOL :)

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