Sunday, July 03, 2011

Bali Trip Day 1

[21 Jun 2011] After CJ intro her buddies, here we started the journey. Our flight (AirAsia AK364) was delayed for 1 hour. Around 8pm we arrived Denpasar - Ngurai Rai Airport, Bali.

There were many tourism information & brochures. No worries on getting Bali maps for free.

Tour guide, Agung, was already waited to pick us up at the arrival hall. Mr Agung said: "You come to Bali, you must Enjoy. You are the Boss."

We were transfered to Jimbaran to have seafood dinner before checking-in our hotel at Harris Riverview Kuta Bali.

The food was so-so as the seafood wasn't that fresh. Somemore it's too dark, seems like eating at night during electricity cut-off -_-" Really don't know what we were eating but not bad trying to eat at seaside at a sandy beach :)

Bali Trip: Itinerary
Accommodation: Harris Riverview Hotel
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