Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jam Hsiao's It's All About LOVE Special Edition

Jam Hsiao's 4th album - It's All About LOVE 以愛之名
(爱的典藏版 Special Edition) - released on 25 Jan 2013

The box is very thick~

CD+ Bonus CD+ Live CD+ Live DVD+ MV DVD = 5 Disks:

Fans helped to bought it from Taiwan first and helped to get his signature during his Taipei autograph session on 26 Jan 2013. Then only mailed over to us.

Wanted to collect the Special Edition, included 3 Bonus songs - 约定你, 悲爱, 第六感.

Picture from Marry Me MV:

Behind the Scene of Hey! Brother~

Little card which promoting FoneStuff headphone:

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