Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blessing Night

The lunar month is still July, the Ghost fest......

Instead of burning money for praying...... Can also donate some money to help the needed people for charity. A Blessing night was held in Golden Horse Palace on last Sunday night.

The volunteers car pooled to the palace earlier in the afternoon to do preparation. Full Moon & I never thought the palace was just less than 10mins drive from home ^^

This time me & Full Moon were assigned to different groups.

We're not involving on the stage:

I was assigned to promote the food container for environmental protection. Well, the milky colour containers were selling better than the transparent ones.

The chopsticks, tiny spoon, container and cup were designed to fit into small bag to carry around easily for tapao/hygiene purpose. The plastic materials were using the similar quality as good as baby milk bottles:

There were different profession of volunteers such as doctors, teachers or uni students in special uniforms. One of a lady doctor parked her first aid box and equipments at my booth. She's busying packing her things and looks kinda cool. Suddenly she asked am I a teacher -_-"? She thinks being a teacher is the hardest job.

That night my booth's sales hit RM1283.20 ^^

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