Saturday, August 13, 2011

CITE Bookfair

CITE Bookfair in Sri Petaling Hotel. Morning went over to the town in my area:

I did not buy this eventhough I like him so much. Fortunately the book wasn't wrapped with plastic, so I could read it through during the fair, hehe. Jam Hsiao's 写真书, it's only photos and some simple wordings, can flip it through quite fast. The photos were shot in Guam(关岛) in US:

Some books can don't buy but flip it at the spot. Jay Chou's:

During the fair, all books were sold in 20% discount or 30% discount for CITE member.

I bought a book from one of my favourite author - Liu Xuan's City Streets & Pulsing Beats (RM16 after discounted):

It's written in short articles, good for me who seldom read. Some interesting titles among the 6 chapters like 穷得很时髦最贵又有什么价值错一点更好认真当个无所谓的人红灯区的艺术......

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