Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Celebration at Shogun

Me, CJ, CWH, CWQ, Gerlin, HuiYing, JingSan, NCL, PeiChi & Sean celebrated YGH's birthday at Shogun, 1U. Thanks CJ & PeiChi top-up RM100 each to belanja us upon their promotion to assistant manager/consultant.

Too bad that the night's fried food looks good but it's not hot or not crispy enough.

The assorted pickle fruits were more interesting after tasting too much fried food. Nothing special on their dessert or ice-cream at all. After eating the 3 different Japanese buffet, now I could rate Jogoya (#1 /Mar 10 ), Saisaki (#2 /Oct 08), Shogun (#3).

PeiChi & her hubby, YGH:

Me with PeiChi & CJ:

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