Sunday, October 31, 2010

Catch up with Friends

Janet, Suhsi, Zing & I were actually free up a day for Hoon's belated birthday but she couldn't make it because of sick. Anyway, we still went out without Hoon. We had a light meal before our movie session. This Lobak (RM8.50) from Little Penang, the Curve, is nice:

The Pie Tee (RM8) is very crispy, also very delicious:

Zing booked the RED by Bruce Willis but herself missed out this movie because she couldn't rush back from her Skytrex activity in the morning. This is her ticket:

Anyway, Zing managed to join us for the tea time/lunch at i-Dragon. My spicy & sour lamen (RM12):

Janet, Zing & Sunny were just back from their Korea trip. They bought a key ring souvenir for me and it is more expensive than a facial mask. They shared their trip stories with us, what were cheap to get from there. This key ring is one of the Gods in Jeju island, and the people were orginally with the 3 surnames of only. Are you the one of them?