Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chun Kiat's Open House

Chun Kiat invited our colleagues to his Open House in USJ. Me, NCL & Ming Li managed to reach Chun Kiat's house by using GPS.

After dinner, we had a tour with Chun Kiat to walk around the house. The interior design including furnitures were all together RM200K.

We tried out his cool water dispenser from his fridge. He spent RM15K for this dry kitchen:

He opened a bottle of IceWine to let everyone tried out in his dining room:

There is glass wall between his wet kitchen & dining room:

1) Part of the foyer, 2) Glass door in wet kitchen, 3) One of the bedroom in 2nd floor:

The floor of the stair is using some kind of rock stone surface:

Master bedroom:

The other side of the master bedroom. The table top + rack was about RM2K:

The wardrobe in the master bedroom's changing room:

One of the guest room in 2nd floor:

2nd floor family lounge:

The grass carpet specially imported from Philippines:

We shared to buy him a lawn mover because he had a large garden at the corner lot:

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