Saturday, March 27, 2010

Promotion & Birthday Celebration at Jogoya

Thanks for Gerlin & HuiYing to take out RM100 each to treat us upon their promotion from senior analyst programmer to Assistant Manager! Ended up we only need to pay RM39 each person to enjoy this Japenese buffet. 昇進おめでとう!本当にありがとう!

It's also birthday celebration for Gerlin, double celebrations!!

Jogoya is having discount promotion for HSBC credit cardholder where we could buy one free one meal (Mon - Thu). 買物1自由に1、安い。

So, we rushed to bukit bintang traffic jam area after working hour.

My first time to try fresh oyster. Ok, I still could stand it after squeezing a lot of lemon on it. カキをー度も食べません。

Prefer baked oysters or baked snails:

more & more food hunt...... いろいろな食べ物。

what a food adventure, so tempting...... おいしい。

Get some drinks, what about cocktail? Here I'm standing in front of the 4 flavours of cocktail pot, tasting them one by one with little sippings. いろりろなカクテルをすき。

Why is this picture so shaky? but I'm not drunk yet.

Nice, nice, nice...... Keep eating & eating before 9:30pm.

Pei Chi & CJ:

NCL asked to prepare a bowl of shark fin:

Finally, it's dessert time. Ong chosed 3 flavours of cakes for Gerlin's birthday. デザートの時間。

Pei Fen, Hui Ying & Gerlin were standing at the New Zealand Natural ice cream stand, choosing their ice cream flavour but finally they decided to go for Haagen Dazs. Well, I'm more fond on New Zealand Natural's mango sorbet :)

Let's have some group photos after the dinner:


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