Saturday, October 02, 2010

Company LRT Hunt

We must gather at A&W (next to Taman Jaya LRT Station) by 7:15am. We had already formed a team named as The Incredibles (Me, Pei Chi, Ong & CCM).

Only 3 of us in the above photo because CCM was late -_-! Finally while we were discussing our route map & clues, he arrived with his black jacket:

Our LRT Hunt took the route from Putra line's Taman Jaya to KL Sentral, then followed by KL Monorail to Bukit Bintang. Walked pass Royale Bintang Hotel to Berjaya Time Square and finally submit our answers at Taman Jaya again. We were given a daily Touch n Go ticket.

We had to solve the 22 trivia questions which were based on the signboards/shop names along the route.

While hunting around KL Sentral, our enemy wanted to take a photo with us:

There were also 3 treasures from the convenient shops.

The questions were quite tricky, e.g.: Q1: Tiang retak = Giant (break the words in Tiang and rearrange them), Q2: Kepala union orang awam = UOA (Kepala is head, read the first letter of the sentense), Q3: The green abode = The Gardens Hotel, Q4: Kayu-kayan pertama in kedai ini = KK Super Mart, Q5: Your half introduced to make popular Chinese dish and friends = Ng Tow Foo & Co (adding Yo to the Ng = Yong Tow Foo), Q6: Former rat breaks great strength source = Extra Power Root, Q7: Hulks colour mostly peak on light meal = Green Pea Snack (Hulks is green colour + 3 words of Peak + light meal is snack), etc.

We scored 72 out of 100 but only managed to get the consolation prize (RM40). No fate with the 1st prize of RM2K. It's tiring but fun ^_^:

The free buffet lunch was totally out of expectation where the quality was bad, not much of varieties and not enough for the rest of the hunters who back late, pity them. Then might as well don't call it as buffet -_-"

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