Sunday, October 04, 2009

UY's Wedding Luncheon

Attending UY's wedding luncheon on mooncake festival at Jaya Palace, PJ. Wedding gift - Pandan Mooncake:

Ladies on my table of no.24:

Our table was at a corner that almost isolated from the others.

The wedding was planned to start at 12pm but it delayed until 1:45pm. First dishes - Palace Five Season Combination:

Shark's Fin Soup with scallop & chicken:

Roasted Suckling Pig & Chicken with Thai sauce:

Crispy Garoupa with sweet & sour sauce but not very fresh:

Here came UY & the bride for 'yum seng' session. Only now we could see the bride & groom.

The lunch ended at around 3:30pm. Last dishes - dessert, corn cakes & pastry:

After finishing the luncheon, continued another mooncake festival celebration at Janet's house - steamboat dinner.

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