Saturday, October 31, 2009

DF0052 Gathering at Alexis

Gathering of Class DF0052 Diploma in Computing & IT. DF0052 stands for Diploma Fulltime, Year 2000, 2nd Week of May.

Because of Facebook, we are linked together again. Gathering in Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar, The Gardens.

Lunch time, not much people yet......

Pasta with lots of clams:

Pasta with basil pesto:

Mushroom & Chicken Pie:

Fish & Chips:

Chang, upgraded to become a father, with his 6-month-old daugther:

Sandwich & Chips:

Nasi Kerabu:

Group photo.


WoayChee said...

mind to share the shop name and location?

Yan Ting said...

Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar at The Gardens (

WoayChee said...

appreciated :)

hui ying said...

anyone say u didnt change a bit even after so many years??

Yan Ting said...

I'm slimmer than school time lo~ When talked about working, "huh, u still work in manulife?" -_-!