Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ginn's Wedding Luncheon

Attending Ginn's Wedding Luncheon......

Royal China Restaurant at Jalan Ampang.
Little wedding gift on the table - 2 love shape chocolates:

Only me & Ee Lin from the college gang. None of the others that we knew, except her mum & grandma.

Ginn & the bridegroom (Eric) were getting ready to walk into the wedding hall with a little girl pouring the red flowers:

The luncheon was planned to start at 12pm but it started at 1pm:

While slide showing of the pre-wedding photos, here came the first dishes of the wedding luncheon - salad prawn, scallop vege, fried fishball with otak-otak:

No shark fin served but chicken soup was the replacement:

Ginn & Eric's families on the stage:

The wedding ended at 3pm. This was the last dessert dishes, tong shui & red bean rabbit bao:
Me & Eelin went over to take a photo with Ginn before leaving.

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