Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mooncake Party at Janet's House

This year, the Mid-Autumn festival fell on Saturday. Everyone could celebrate the mooncake festival until late night.

My & my highschool gang decided to have a steamboat dinner at Janet's house.

Too much food for one day.

Zing brought her new steamboat pot. We were testing the pot that why the soup couldn't boil? Finally we found out that the power extension cord was giving problem on the last socket. We nearly switched to use another steamboat pot while having all the food already poured into the pot:

Busy eating:

The sky was getting darker......

We could start lighting our colourful lanterns.

What a wonderful night but without clear full moon.

Candles of light:

Mooncakes, chinese tea, japanese green tea for the night.

Souvenir from Janet/Sunny/Hoon/Zing from Kuching:

Souvenir from Hoon's company trip to Taiwan:

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vialentino said...

hi hi...visting u here....nice bloggie here...will come and visit here often...

nice mooncake celebration...