Monday, October 26, 2009

CWH's Wedding Dinner in Ipoh

Nearly 20 people from my department applied leave because of attending CWH's wedding dinner in Ipoh. He arranged apartment & hotel for us to stay for one night.

Arrived his house in Ipoh on Sunday afternoon 3:30pm to watch the ceremony before check-in to apartment.

Then we dressed up & went for his dinner in Restaurant Kok Thai.

All the serving of dishes were very large in portion, ended up many tapao the food back home.

Yum Seng session:

After dinner, Richard organised Bombay event again -_-"

The next morning, we were late to meet JK for breakfast. He showed us the way to Foh San Dimsum.

After buying Ipoh Hiong Beng, we went for white coffee before heading back to KL.

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