Friday, September 10, 2010

September Bday Babies' Celebration in La Gomera

It's "Loh Yuen Huat" birthday again. This name is combined with the names from the 3 birthday babies - Hui Ying, Ong & CWH.

La Gomera is a newly open restaurant that offers Spanish buffet:

We booked our e-voucher from to get the half price of RM29.95.

The combination of the toasted garlic bread with the food on top is delicious.

I forgot to taste this plate after taking the photo:

The little portion of food makes me wanna try them one by one.

Ong stood at this lobster salad for long, just to pick up the meat of lobster that mixed with the salad:

The boiled prawns were tasteless but fresh:

The look of the tiny bread looks so tempting:

More food at the side such as spanish cooked beef, lamb, fish, etc:

We arrived earlier than the September babies and started to eat our 1st round while waiting them ^^

You can order the food from the kitchen:

They had prepared little empty bowl for you to put in the clips given to your table to make order:

Later on, our La Gomera pizza was arrived:

Cheese baked oysters were so-so only because it's still watery at the bottom of the shell:

Before we left, we filled up our stomach with desserts & ice-cream, nothing special on the dessert.

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