Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wedding Day of Guan Hong & Pei Chi

The Brothers gathered at Klang in the early morning at 6am.
Around 9am, the Heng Dai arrived Seremban with 6 white colour MyVi cars.

The Ji Mui had already prepared the materials to make fun on the Heng Dai.

First game: Body food. Putting the banana on their body (Buttock, Neck, Armpit, Thigh) and let another Heng Dai to finish it.

Second game: Dancing pose. The Heng Dai must follow the dancing pose that same with the picture that Ji Mui prepared.

Drink the liquid of Sweet, Sour, Bitter & Spicy.

Then, the Heng Dai were required to pick up the peanuts from the ice water using their toes and make a Love Shape. Finally, Guan Hong was asked to write down 10 reasons why Pei Chi should marry to him:

Pei Chi accepted the 10 reasons:

Ji Mui were prepared with Pink colour smiley T-shirt:

Heng Dai should wear the White colour smiley T-shirt:

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