Saturday, September 03, 2011

Lunch at Mi Na Rae Korean BBQ

Went to Sri Petaling town for lunch. Simply visited this Korean restaurant - Mi Na Rae Korean BBQ. I like the decoration of the potted flowers:

We were the 1st customer in the morning. The seats at floor looks nice but it actually doesn't have hole to put in the legs ;(

This Korean Ginseng tea is nice but too little in portion (RM5):

The price is reasonable. This Pork Rib soup came with side dishes and white rice (RM18):

Bean Paste soup also came with side dishes and white rice (RM15):

There were 9 side dishes. We didn't bother to ask whether can refill because 2 of us just couldn't finish them:

The Little fried fish was so so if compared to other korean restaurants:

This vege was still okay:

The ordinary Kim Chi:

The ordinary bean:

Hot dog?

We like this fried tohu. Above the tohu isn't chili but it's salty spice. The tohu was just crispy enough:

I like Eggplant, tasted okay:

Fishball with sesame:

I like celery. Just ordinary:

We exchanged our souvenirs from Bali vs Hong Kong:

Souvenir from Daisy's Hong Kong trip. I got a Disney Multiple-Colour Ballpen, Lavender Soap and 4 Facial Masks from SaSa:

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indonesiatooverseas said...

Nice photos. The food looks delicious and I love that flowers.
I've followed your blog. I invite you to follow mine. Thanks.