Sunday, September 05, 2010

Volunteering on Charity Day

The 1st Sunday of every month is the Charity day of a charity society. Due to this weekend was crashing with 2 large events(Bookfest & Matta fair) in the city, they had less people volunteering to help out. Sheau Yuan called me up and invited me to join their Charity day.

This is my 2nd time joining their Charity day. From 8:30am to 10:15am, the experienced volunteers shared their experiences/stories while helping the victims of certain cases. Today one of the volunteers telling the story of their group on helping a poor lonely old lady who stayed in an old wooden house near to cemetery.

Then from 10:15am to 12:30pm, all of us were divided into group of 4 or 5 ppl and headed to the houses of victims. The mooncake festival will be coming soon, organic mooncakes were distributed to certain groups in order to distribute to the victim houses.

This time I followed to visit the house that the person was attacked with backbone sickness which he could not walk but need to lay down on the bed most of the time. The seniors told us that we must stand near to him if talking to him as he could not turn his head to view us. They said this victim was a special one as he was an optimistic person. So, our seniors shared their travelling stories in Japan with the victims and he was quite happy we visited him. Seniors asked him if he had any thoughts on mooncake festival, he wished us "但愿人长久". He later on need us to help him on some letters. For this house, we only give out "love & helping hand" instead of money. After the house visiting, we were back for report writing and dismissed.

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