Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ground Breaking

Sheau Yuan told me that her charity foundation had successfully raised the building fund and got the construction approval after negotiating in the last 6 years. She registered to attend the Ground Breaking Ceremony(动土典礼), I was welcome too. They already had one building in Malacca and another in Penang. This time the building will be in KL, somewhere opposite Carrefour Kepong. It should be ready in 3 years time.

Today's Malaysia day and it's also a holiday. We arrived at the construction ground at 7am and had the breakfast that they prepared. There were 8 media press and the ceremony will be broastcasted live to their TV station around the world. The foundation was originated from Taiwan and today the VIPs were flying over to attend this ceremony.

It was started with chinese kindergarden kids waiving their little hands and running to the center of the land, followed by the malay kids. The adult children brought the kids to form a circle and started their sign language dance. Higher level volunteers marched slowly for one round, bringing the building architecture model. After some speeches from VIPs, then started the ground breaking action using their golden spades.

Free gift at the end of the ceremony (Bamboo bank & 250ml cup):

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