Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bookfest 2010

It's the 5th year of Bookfest 2010 in KLCC Convention Centre. This year it started on 4th Sept until 12 Sept during school break & Raya holidays.

Same as every year, it's more on Chinese books from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia that occupied 1 - 5 Halls.

The book that I bought on last month also haven't finished, now I bought another. All the books here were selling with discount.

I simply bought a book written by this Taiwanese writer, 吴淡如. The book titled as 每一次相遇都是奇迹 (translated as Every Encounter is Miracle).

After 20% discount, it's RM23.20:

She had been preparing this book for 5 years and it was first published in February 2010.

It had 12 chapters in 173 pages.

Again, I prefer book with pictures ^_^

Preferably separated in short story in chapters that I could continue at anytime.

Roughly from the table of contents, she wrote about her encounters from Denmark, Antartica, Chile, Paris, Cafe, Kyoto, Bali, The Changes of 4 Seasons, Venice, Whisky, Swimming and Delicious Food.

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