Saturday, August 28, 2010

Birthday Celebration for NCL at Hwangsil Garden

Birthday girl decides where to eat. First suggestion was going back to the restaurant where we celebrated CJ's Bday in Korean House 2 years ago.

We changed destination to Damansara Perdana for Spanish buffet but we were not allowed to go in without booking. Ended up, we were at Hwangsil Garden Korean BBQ:

Each person was given this plate of cabbage vege plate:

The side dishes could only be refilled for one time.

They liked the KimChi this time:

Our most wanted nuts & little fishes, kept asking to swap other side dishes with this. The nuts & fishes were sweet & sticky that we weren't required any chopstick skill to pick it up.

The fried cucumber was so-so:

The birthday girl took a group photo of us:

Dunno what this is:

Wonder what these leaves for, guess it's to wrap the BBQ meat:

The KimChi soup was nice. RM80 for this wok. I slurped my bowl of KimChi soup cleanly as I had not had any since last year's Aren's birthday in KimchiHaru.

We ordered 6 sets of BBQ meat to share:

Seafood pancake was just normal (RM25):

This time the group photo included the birthday girl:

The interior of the korean restaurant:

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