Saturday, April 19, 2008

CJ's Birthday Celebration at Korean House

We celebrated CJ's birthday at SS2's Korean House.
At Korean House, we didn't have chance to BBQ the meat ourselve but it's done by the waiters. We ordered some special Sets & few A-La Carte. Each A-La Carte BBQ came with 7 side dishes and the side dishes could be kept refilling.
A-La Carte bowl. Some close up photo of side dishes.
Spicy jelly fish side dish tasted good! Herosue's favourite si-ham. We kept refill this side dishes. Herosue & CJ. CJ and I.
Nobody can finish KimChi, my table doesn't like KimChi at all.
The boss said the side dishes of Special Set will not be served, so she recommended us the Squid Glass noodle that I had wanted to order at first.
They swapped this water egg for free to us, delicious!
Fruits at the end, cut in Christmas tree shape:
We continued 2nd round at mamak stall. I sang CJ a cantonese bday song. Aren & HuiYing chosen 3 slices of cakes from Secret Recipe. This is carrot cake:
This is strawberry chocolate cake:
Marlboro coffee cheese cake:

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