Friday, July 03, 2009

Belated Birthday for Aren at KimchiHaru

Our initial thought was going to Jaya One's Fireman. But everybody changed mind after reaching there. The decision was on Aren's hand - KimchiHaru.

The starter of salad (very nice) + kimchi can be refilled:

Ordering 2 main dishes can get 1 free tiny dish & korean tea:

The birthday boy in the middle:

PorkBul-goki (RM17.8), the slices of meat is very thin & sweet, also very nice:

KimchiBul-goki (RM18.5):

Bul-Goki BiBim-Bab (RM17) & Kimchi BokUm-Bab (RM13.5):

Soon-dubu Jigae (RM15) - Silky soft tofu with wholesome fresh seafood boiled in a spicy broth, served with rice and banchan:

There was another gang of people also celebrating birthday with cake & candles. Then a korean family friends at the other side.

- Souvenir -

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Tracy said...

Be careful when consuming the free salad. I went to KimchiHaru two nights ago and since that night, I've been suffering such bad food poisoning that I'm now having to run to the bathroom at 15-minute intervals and my stomach is churning all day - this is after a whole day of medication. When I initially ate the salad, the dressing tasted a little off but I assumed it was the way it was supposed to taste. Even had a second round of salad. And now I'm still paying for it because my doctor's fees so far have exceeded what I paid at the restaurant! The food at KimchiHaru wasn't even good - you'll get far better Korean food from Dae Jang Gum in Section 14, PJ, which is run by a Korean couple. And I can tell you that I've NEVER gotten sick after dining at Dae Jang Gum!