Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sunny's Birthday Celebration

This Saturday, we planned to go Redbox Karaoke at the Curve and then NiuZeXui street mall for Sunny's birthday.

This time Zing was able to join us too. She's our driver:)

As usual, we picked the Happy hour from 11am-2pm with set lunch and buffet. I'd chosen many songs of Yoga Lin 林宥嘉 & Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾 which are newly released in May & June which I had not get to sing before.

Songs we sang... 傻瓜, 林依晨's 你, 男人女人, Mayday's 恋爱ing & 离开地球表面, 刘力杨's 我就是这样, 郭静's 爱情讯息, 我怀念的, etc.

Next destination - Niu Ze Xui (NZX). The place is still quite empty.

Dinner at the Korean restaurant with western food - FullHouse.

Sunny(the birthday girl) and I:

The yellow angels - Sunny, Janet & I:

FullHouse sandwich club - cheese, ham, salad, tomato.

Zing's Fish & Chips.

My Seared Wok Chicken Chop.

We shared to have the chicken wings.

Zing & Sunny:

The interior design of FullHouse restaurant.

Zing showed us a Pet shop with lots of little dogs free walking around in the pet shop.


Anonymous said...

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Zing said...

tt's pet shop named "Fluff"
Lot's pet owners will bring their pets go there 'wandering', hehe~

If u r lowyat forum member, got 10% discount :)

*Hedgie was selling $150 only ~

Yan Ting said...

ic... the Fluff is still quite small... not enough space for more pets to wander in the shop.

so u wanna buy one hedgie to play with your guinea pig?