Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Mines Bookfair

The 10th World of Chinese Book fair at the Mines was held from 14 - 23 Nov. Today is the last day, we managed to visit it. Me, Hoon, Janet & Sunny all also get at least a book from the exhibition. I got a book by Valen Hsu - Beauty Sence '五感美人'. It's already out the market since 2006 but I just could not meet with this book. Today it's also the last piece on the rack of Cite Publisher 成邦. After 30% discount with Janet's member card, it's only RM27:)
It has 187 pages. It talks about the beauty from 5 senses - Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight and Hearing.
Simply flip a few pages......
Touch, about how to taking care of our skin and body.
Taste, about healthy eating style and food, Valen's recipes, etc.
Smell, Valen's bath menu...
Sight, perfume... make up... high heels...
Hearing, music listening... movie... reading... Yoga.
The bookfair was not as interesting as the mid year Bookfest held in KLCC each year. Comparing, it has very less books and publishers, half of the exhibition are occupied by the stationeries/academic courses/digital dictionary booths. Within 1 or 2 hours, we'd finished hunting our books.

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Zing said...

Hey, y dun invite me go too? Im bookworm, remember? SIGH~

I dunno the road... :(

Yan Ting said...

aiyo... tot u already got plan... erm...... Okok, next time try to invite u =p