Monday, November 03, 2008

Office Renovation

In this 2 months, there're several departments having renovation in different floors. Our support team will be very busy in moving all the IT equipments for the staff. The Unit Trust Wealth Management's lobby. Looks brighter. Why during this economic crisis period, they are still wasting the money on renovation? What about our bonus, could be colder than water? With the new design but still using old PCs, not even LCD flat screen, so unmatch. The corridor to diferrent departments on 13th Flr.
3rd floor budget is low, obviously the design is simple. The corridor for 3rd floor looks scary because it's just a long narrow path with plain wall. Can't imagine the staff have to pass through the corridor to toilet everyday. But IT at 9th floor is even worst that we have to temporarily move up to an empty floor with old newspaper pasting on the windows, putting big tables to setup network to work for 3 weeks.

- Souvenir -

NCL was in HK for 3 weeks to work. She spent her Halloween at there too. We still have souvenir from her:)

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