Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wesak Day's Vegetarian Food Distribution Day

Today's Wesak Day, it's also Vegetarian Food Distribution Day to invite the neighbourhood to join the celebration at Sri Petaling branch.

Today we got to taste variety of free vegetarian food that sponsored by the neighbourhood, some volunteers and friends.

It's a public holiday, I was also free to help selling books/CDs/food container for charity on this event.

Vegetarian food also looks kinda tempting too.

Different kind of meehoon & mee, what a great pot luck day too.


Fried tohu:

Guai Ling Gou:

Vegetarian Glutinous rice:

Everyone lined up for this free buffet lunch:

More food such as Red Bean Tong Sui, Longan Tong Sui, Taufufa, Fried Rice, Guava, Watermelon...... but managed to take part of the food photos only ;)

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