Monday, May 09, 2011

Rehearsal for Buddha Bathing Day

There will be a Buddha Bathing ceremony in Stadium Petaling Jaya, Kelana Jaya on 8 May 2011. Volunteers were preparing the field:

Non members and donators were invited to join the movement. I was assigned to stand on Red 16 and Black 7. Luckily it's my birthday number 16, easy to remember.

We need to follow our numbers & arrows on the field to walk, so that it will form a very beautiful picture motion during the ceremony.

The rehearsal was taken at the night before the ceremony on the next day. We followed the songs and made sure we all step tidily with the correct legs "Left Leg" & "Right Leg"......

I was assigned in the "Line Moving" group, that's mean other people will be following us to move. If I move wrongly, the whole picture on the field will be wrong -_-!! So, they suggested the younger ppl to be in the "Line Moving" group to remember the route.

The lights formed the crystal buddha shine so sacredly.

We will move around the Buddha, pray and touch the water, then pick up a flower and put into our hands (礼佛足、接花香、祝福、吉祥). Follow proper same sequence to form a neat picture motion.

Lotus flower as symbol of Buddha:

Back home rest earlier as we all have to back on the field early in the next morning.

Invitation card:

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